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    scrape (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

scalping, scrapping

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scrapingLast post 12 Nov 10, 20:36
My grandmother is into scraping. Not fighting, but making books. Bedeutet das sowas wie Tag…5 Replies
scraping cutter - MetallschaberLast post 26 Jul 14, 16:10
Floor tile removal: Heat the adhesive between tiles and inserting a blade such as a scraping…1 Replies
data scrapingLast post 04 Aug 08, 11:04
Yell.com, the UK’s local search engine, today announced that it has introduced ASSASSIN, belie6 Replies
scraping ringLast post 24 Mar 11, 23:46
At the top of the cylinder liner is a scraping ring. This is about a car engine and the cyl…2 Replies
web scrapingLast post 27 Apr 15, 16:35
Web scraping means extracting information from websites.3 Replies
sky-scraping melodiesLast post 24 Apr 09, 12:35
Es geht um die Musik einer Band, die beschrieben wird als eine Mischung aus "sky-scraping me…9 Replies
scraping the barrelLast post 02 May 21, 18:14
I can't believe it! Talk about scraping the barrel!" Gelesen in einem englischen Roman. Hat…7 Replies
The sound of scrapingLast post 28 Apr 09, 16:44
His exclamation was followed by the scraping of the garden chairs on the tiled pavement dan…1 Replies
scraping paper to document (poet.)Last post 16 Mar 14, 07:39
Kontext: Death Cab For Cutie - Photobooth And as the summer's ending, The cool air will pu…5 Replies
The difference between SCRATCHING and SCRAPINGLast post 25 Aug 10, 15:18
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061230001752AA1mHE4 --> "My lower retainer is …3 Replies