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Orthographically similar words

size Beize, Seide, Seife, Seige, Seihe, seine, Seite, Sepie, Serie

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understand, distrain, capture, snatch, bite, take, grasp

Forum discussions containing the search term

to seize up - festrostenLast post 10 Mar 19, 23:53
seize up - definition and synonymsphrasal verb [intransitive]to suddenly stop moving or work…1 Replies
festzufrieren - seizeLast post 04 Dec 07, 06:58
Aufgrund der Beaufschlagung mit der feuchten Abluft, ist das Turbinenrad, dass Bauteil welch…8 Replies
seize toLast post 05 Nov 07, 19:29
but all i can think is love and saturday and how the golden road can seize to glare.... oh m…3 Replies
seize upLast post 02 Jan 12, 12:06
I was jogging and my knee seized up so I had to stop danke2 Replies
seize/cease in m-w.comLast post 26 Nov 04, 05:46
Bei m-w.com lese ich bei der Definition von "intercept": 2 a : to stop, seize, or interrupt…12 Replies
seize to exist = aufhoehren zu existieren ?Last post 10 May 05, 10:21
Hallo zusammen! Kann man "to seize to exist" mit "aufhoehren zu existieren" uebersetzen? (Gi…4 Replies
Seize the minuteLast post 17 Oct 07, 11:38
Es geht um ein Handyspiel, das verschiedene Spielmodi bietet. Kein weiterer Kontext vorhande…6 Replies
seize upon ideasLast post 13 Apr 09, 20:34
Some personality types seize upon ideas they feel are important, bring them to the forefront…1 Replies
to seize upLast post 10 May 14, 10:59
33. My birthday last week. The age that most real athletes seize up. That’s when you can tel…7 Replies
to seize ground - an Boden gewinnenLast post 26 May 14, 18:32
Eurosceptic and far-right parties seized ground in elections to the European parliament. -1 Replies