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Orthographically similar words

bell, fell, jell, mell, seal, shell, smell, spell, swell, tell, well, yell Elle, Esel, Fell, hell, Seil, Sela, Siel, Soll, Süll


Idiomatische Wendungen und Sätze mit „lassen“
to ignore; to not take into account

Forum discussions containing the search term

to hard-sell - zum Kauf zwingenLast post 08 Mar 13, 22:27
hard-sell/ˈhɑrdˈsɛl/ Show Spelled [hahrd-sel] Show IPA verb, hard-sold, hard-sell·ing, adjectiv4 Replies
go/sell like hot cakes - *Last post 08 Feb 08, 10:41
Einträge in LEO: to go like hot, cakes (AE)- weggehen wie warme Semmeln sth. sells like hot,3 Replies
to go/sell like hotcakesBE - (both translations)Last post 16 Jul 09, 15:59
to go like hotcakesAE weggehen wie warme Semmeln to go like hotcakesBE weggehen wie w…7 Replies
continuing to sell... - continuing to sell...Last post 23 Oct 08, 13:08
We, to be sure, are looking forward to publishing the reissue in 2009 and to continuing to s…3 Replies
Passive Form von "Sell"Last post 31 Jan 08, 11:26
Hallo, Ich will sagen, dass ein Produkt von einer bestimmten Firma vertrieben wird. Ich dac…4 Replies
sell out Last post 21 May 10, 15:23
sell out = Ausverkauf, weitere Bedeutungen? sell in = ? Hallo allerseits, mein Problem is…2 Replies
sell-off, sell offLast post 21 Apr 15, 18:25
Bestandteil eines Lizenzvertrags: Licensee shall be entitled to sell off such of the licens…3 Replies
to sell short / to short sell - leer verkaufenLast post 13 Mar 09, 18:53
LEO: short [bank.] - ohne Deckung short covering [econ.] - Deckung einer Verkaufsposition\t …6 Replies
sell-through - AbsatzLast post 10 Jan 08, 20:52
Spring 2005 has been a difficult trading time - we are delighted with how our product looks …2 Replies
sell dueLast post 13 Jan 05, 08:41
Even the Chinese are reluctant to sell due to uncertainty, unless of course they can get a g…2 Replies