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service Service

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I look for a word that describes "product and service" for a marketing text. What could this…7 Replies
Editing ServicesLast post 04 Aug 06, 16:22
Hello! I am just about to finish my dissertation and since I am not a native speaker I was …2 Replies
terrific servicesLast post 10 Aug 10, 10:05
"We invite to your attention regarding our Terrific Services in the field of XY in Pakistan.…5 Replies
rehabilitation services - rehabilitation servicesLast post 18 Mar 10, 12:30
Principles when considering if offering rehabilitation services are appropriate Grundsätze …2 Replies
Services voraussetzen - expecte servicesLast post 28 Jan 08, 18:41
Unserer Ansicht nach hat dies einen höheren Lerneffekt, als zum Beispiel Services vorauszuse…3 Replies
services - services oder service?Last post 22 Mar 08, 02:02
Muss es heissen: All clients get attention and excellent services oder All clients get atte…2 Replies