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setting - die VertonungLast post 14 Jul 09, 10:29
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=738656&idForum=1&lp=ende I'd like t2 Replies
trend-setting \t - zukunftsweisendLast post 12 Oct 20, 14:24
trend-setting Adj. --- zukunftsweisend             forward-looking Adj. --- zukunftsw1 Replies
setting - AbbindungLast post 26 Jun 08, 13:29
Abbindeexpansion1 Replies
setting - SchränkungLast post 25 Jun 07, 00:47
internet research The setting to both sides is 2mm each Die Schränkung zu beiden Seiten betr…5 Replies
trend-setting - Trend setzend; trend-settingLast post 12 Sep 10, 22:30
1. He has a very trend-setting position in his school class. If he likes something, almost e…2 Replies
bezel setting - ZargenfassungLast post 29 Apr 05, 17:06
div. Definitions of "bezel setting" on the Web: A type of setting in which the stone is sec…2 Replies
claw setting - KrappenfassungLast post 29 Apr 05, 13:11
div. Sources on the web: Claw setting: A claw setting is one in which a series of metal pr…0 Replies
default setting - LieferzustandLast post 16 Apr 09, 18:02
Der Lieferzustand eines Telefons (z.B. Lautsprecher, PIN, usw.)8 Replies
post-setting - PfostensetzungLast post 26 Oct 09, 14:44
archäologischer Begriff, der als zusammengesetzter Begriff so hier noch nicht zu finden war1 Replies
Einstellung - SettingLast post 18 Sep 08, 18:45
software setting Hallo, ich lese gelegentlich (z. B. von meinen Kollegen) den Begriff "sett…2 Replies