Orthographically similar words

hank, hanky, shack, shake, Shake, shako, shaky, shark, skank, spank, stank, swank, thank, Thank Schank, Stank

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wing, flank, limb, side

Forum discussions containing the search term

shankLast post 21 Dec 09, 22:01
I stared at the crowd that moved relentlessly through the fog o0f cigarette smoke. It was th…4 Replies
arch shankLast post 01 Mar 11, 10:45
The boots molded arch shank and sticky outsole ensure great traction and support for those b…2 Replies
ring shankLast post 03 Jun 22, 15:22
This one has diamonds down the shank, this one has them on either side. Kontext: Beratungsg…6 Replies
"Type of shank" or "Shank type" (Tools)Last post 02 Jan 17, 15:09
Es geht um Überschriften in Tabellen mit Maßangaben zu Werkzeugen. Die Frage ist, wie schrei…3 Replies
shank plate (Schuhe)Last post 27 May 20, 16:25
The sole structure member of the shoe is configured as a shank plate for supporting the midf…4 Replies
veal shank redemptionLast post 23 Nov 09, 14:49
A critic says: They make an osso bucco that's so divine I call it the "Veal Shank Redemptio…1 Replies
Bloodied Prison ShankLast post 26 Aug 16, 14:56
"The buisness end of this shank looks like profits were high this year." gefängnisgitterstr…16 Replies
shank - Gefängnismesser, selbstgebasteltes MesserLast post 26 Aug 16, 17:48
Beispiel 1:"A week after my visit to Corcoran, Tom Morgan took a shank to the liver. Three d…4 Replies
Shank's pony - Zu FußLast post 17 Apr 05, 17:32
http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/316600.html How are we going to get there? I suppose it'l…8 Replies
beef shank - Rinder-BeinscheibeLast post 30 Oct 09, 14:03
"To cook proper beef broth, one has to use the beef's shank." "Um eine richtige Rinderbrühe …6 Replies

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