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bluntnose sixgill shark .- cow shark - gray shark, grey shark - mud shark - sixgill shark - six-gill shark - sixgilled shark - six-gilled shark - Stumpfnasen-Sechskiemerhai, m - Grauhai, m - Sechskiemerhai, m (Hexanchus griseus) [Fischkunde]Last post 02 Feb 19, 13:15
bluntnose sixgill shark  [Zoologie] - Stumpfnasen-Sechskiemerhai, m (Hexanchus griseus)  [Fisc0 Replies
bull shark - BullenhaiLast post 14 Jan 09, 11:17
Der Bullenhai oder Gemeine Grundhai - manchmal auch Stierhai oder Sambesihai genannt (Carcha…5 Replies
"Schlitzohr" Last post 18 Dec 15, 19:15
Könnte mir jemand ein Beispiel geben, auf das die Übersetzung "Shark" "Schlitzohr" passt?3 Replies
talk sharkLast post 18 Jan 07, 21:25
"Look ye now, young man, thy lungs are a sort of soft, d'ye see; thou dost not t. sh. a bit.…3 Replies
to sharkLast post 16 Jul 08, 12:50
But I stopped sharking a minute to get chips and drinks danke für eure Hilfe!2 Replies
to sharkLast post 15 Mar 11, 14:33
"He has a little scullery down there, where he cooks his grub. Fat Paul bounces and sharks a…2 Replies
pool sharkLast post 24 Dec 09, 19:21
Do u think xxxx is a pool shark? Frage bei FB4 Replies
whaler sharkLast post 03 Apr 14, 18:28
The two men helped to drag a whaler shark away from people on Bullock Beach in Australia. .…5 Replies
land sharkLast post 23 Jul 16, 20:18
Hi! Is there a German equivalent to a "land shark", a person who drives around slowly in his…21 Replies
thresher sharkLast post 09 May 12, 04:22 Th…2 Replies

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