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Orthographically similar words

halve, have, haver, heave, salve, save, shade, shake, shame, shape, share, shove Salve

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regroove, recut

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no-shave chitsLast post 13 Jan 10, 17:52
Vielleicht nicht gerade der beste Platz danach zu fragen, aber weil ich schon mal hier bin..…30 Replies
shave iceLast post 24 Sep 18, 15:11
Sicher kennt Ihr shave ice, also vom Block heruntergeschabtes Wassereis, das mit Geschmäcker…7 Replies
be shaveLast post 29 Mar 10, 18:22
Was ebdeutet "shave"im foglenden Satz? "I'm muscular and shave. He's ungainly, all knees and…1 Replies
to shave one's headLast post 26 Nov 07, 16:37
to shave one's head4 Replies
to shave the odds finerLast post 09 Apr 15, 09:43
Every time you woke up with a hangover and a plane to fly you knew you were shaving the odds…5 Replies
to shave sth. off sth. - etw. von etw. abziehenLast post 04 Apr 12, 14:32
I absolutely don't mind if somebody who took the life of somebody's loved one doesn't see bu…2 Replies
to shave sth. off sth. - etw. um etw. verringernLast post 22 Dec 09, 07:07
Wolfgang Schaeuble, the German finance minister, says Germany must shave 10 billion euros of…3 Replies
Intim After Shave GelLast post 30 Jun 11, 10:55
heißt es intim after shave gel oder intimate after shave gel?? Das Intim After Shave Gel is…2 Replies
to shave/to share my skillsLast post 14 Feb 10, 16:16
During the annual festival I participated in various activities to shave/to share my skills …3 Replies
Holzbearbeitungswerkzeuge: cleaving brake, fro, shave horse [Handwerk]Last post 31 May 14, 08:39
http://www.greatdixter.co.uk/whats-on/events/ladder-workshop/ creating a controlled split i…6 Replies