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    shoulder (Verb)

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rubbing shouldersLast post 24 May 06, 12:27
We'll be rubbing shoulders once again in the sun. heißt das soviel wie - mal ganz banal übe…1 Replies
drop shouldersLast post 21 Feb 07, 19:53
Beschreibung eines Pullovers Weiß jemand das passende deutsche Equivalent? Die Google-Bilds…1 Replies
square shouldersLast post 23 Feb 07, 12:06
"led by a slender captain with square shoulders and a bushy mustache" Anscheinend gibt es u…1 Replies
wise shouldersLast post 30 Jul 09, 19:41
"On his wise shoulders through the checkerwork of leaves the sun flung spangles, dancing coi…2 Replies
bunch shouldersLast post 09 Sep 09, 15:27
What's wrong? Pug asked. And don't tell me nothing. I've seen your shoulders bunch that way …2 Replies
shoulders squaredLast post 10 May 08, 13:27
He stood with his boots firmly planted to the ground, his fists shoved into his jeans pocket…1 Replies
to square one's shoulders - die Schultern straffenLast post 09 Jan 08, 07:55
LEO: square-shouldered (adj.) - breitschultrig —die Schultern straffen, sich aufrichten, ge…0 Replies
flounced her shoulders - die Achseln zuckenLast post 31 Jul 07, 09:18
his daughter ... What was the big deal? richtig?5 Replies
to rub shoulders with so. - sich unter jmdn. mischenLast post 05 Jun 18, 21:35
—spend time: ... regularly rubs shoulders with top movie stars http://dict.leo.org/forum/vie6 Replies
to have broad shoulders - einen breiten Rücken habenLast post 09 Jan 08, 09:13
Pons-Collins: to have broad shoulders - (lit) breite Schultern haben; (fig also) einen breit…1 Replies