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tich, peewee, titch, prawn Garnele, Zwerg, Krabbe, Knirps

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shrimp - KrevetteLast post 29 Nov 07, 21:38
From de.wikipedia.org: Garnele (Weitergeleitet von Krevette) I couldn't find this Swiss wor…13 Replies
shrimp [zool.] - die KrabbeLast post 23 Jun 06, 17:32
Shrimps sind Garnelen. Kleine Garnelen werden im deutsprachigen Raum unter der Bezeichnung …2 Replies
"Prawn" or "shrimp"?Last post 16 Jul 09, 05:33
There was a discussion recently on "Krevette" as a new translation for "shrimp". (I apologiz…24 Replies
shrimp no masLast post 03 Sep 10, 11:56
Ich muss ein Cartoon interpretieren: http://www.sqwalk.com/q/sites/default/files/JoelPett-1…12 Replies
shrimp on the barbieLast post 30 Apr 16, 18:31
https://www.flickr.com/photos/tincup-photo/26684169365/Nothing says summer like shrimp on th…2 Replies
shrimp - die Krabbe, die GarneleLast post 12 Nov 11, 04:40
shrimp (shrmp) n. pl. shrimp or shrimps 1. a. Any of various small, chiefly marine decapod…2 Replies
Fish/Shrimp or Fishes/Shrimps?Last post 02 May 09, 17:39
How about fish? I hear it both ways. My American friend says the plural of fish and shrimp i…8 Replies
a shrimp on the barbieLast post 08 Dec 09, 02:09
"Just one more month until our exchange student arrives!" - "Another shrimp on the barbie?!…2 Replies
mantis shrimp - der Fangschreckenkrebs, wiss.: Stomatopoda (Ordnung)Last post 12 Feb 14, 15:36
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fangschreckenkrebse Die Fangschrecken- oder Heuschreckenkrebs1 Replies
brine shrimp, artemia, sea-monkey - Salinenkrebs, Urzeitkrebs, Salinkrebschen, SalzkrebsLast post 03 Mar 17, 14:58
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salinenkrebs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemia und http://…9 Replies

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