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similarLast post 20 Sep 04, 20:50
how to understand "similar"? is it "100% the same" or more "ähnlich"? it's a key point for m…2 Replies
similarLast post 23 May 10, 17:46
Hello everybody! A sunny day, isn't it? Well, I have a little question. Is it okay to say: …1 Replies
similar as with, similar to ?Last post 03 Aug 11, 01:57
"....and may therefore result in (an?) earlier appearance of metabolites in the feces simi5 Replies
similar wordsLast post 30 May 07, 09:16
I am having difficulty distinguishing the following words: lernen - studieren wissen - kenn…12 Replies
similar as??Last post 21 Oct 11, 18:28
In this chapter the author uses similar descriptions as in the other chapters?3 Replies
highly similarLast post 17 Dec 07, 18:15
Welches Adverb passt am besten zu similar? "highly similar" ergibt viele Suchtreffer, allerd…4 Replies
similar ofLast post 06 Jul 10, 13:43
Gibt's das im Englischen? Hab ich letzt in einem wissensch. Artikel gelesen. Ich kenne das …9 Replies
in a similar manner - auf die gleiche WeiseLast post 24 Mar 13, 15:18
similar [ˈsɪmɪlə] adj 1. showing resemblance in qualities, characteristics, or appearance; a…1 Replies
Food similar to Dalken?Last post 08 Mar 10, 16:54
Has anyone eaten Dalken and can say what food in the English-speaking world they are most si…12 Replies
similar: gleich od. ähnlich?Last post 21 Jul 07, 10:25
Wörterbücher (LEO auch) liefern für similar oft zwei Übersetzungen: ähnlich und gleich (equal),8 Replies