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singleLast post 01 Jul 07, 13:41
Im song "Into the great wide open" von Tom Petty (text z.B. unter…5 Replies
SingleLast post 14 Nov 13, 18:09
-- Now I realize that I am of a certain age, and also that 'single' in English does not nec…6 Replies
single parent, nicht single?Last post 21 Mar 06, 22:08
Hallo, ich hätt da eine Verständnisfrage, da mir das mittlerweile öfter aufgefallen ist. …6 Replies
one single... every singleLast post 29 Nov 13, 21:35
As a subtitle for a book, can I write: "How one single molecule has caused every single lif…3 Replies
Single Mom/single parentLast post 23 Apr 10, 18:46
I am trying to apply for kindergeld for my daughter...i am american but her father is german…1 Replies
not single / no singleLast post 18 Oct 12, 18:54
Hallo, ist der Satz "She is not single" richtiges Englisch, oder müsste man "She is no sing…10 Replies
45 {record} - die SingleLast post 16 Jul 06, 07:15
LEO has: single (n.) - das Einzel, das Einzelzimmer single [sport.] - der Einer (Bootsgattun…0 Replies
single shareholder, single large shareholderLast post 29 Jul 08, 15:10
Hallo Zusammen, ich habe nicht wirklich ein Übersetzungsproblem, sondern eher ein fachliche…7 Replies
single-peakedness - EingipfligkeitLast post 21 Jun 06, 14:53
While ordinal single-peakedness can lead to disconnected coalitions that have a "hole" in th…0 Replies
single priceLast post 23 Apr 14, 08:58
May "single price" be used as a synonym for "unit price"?1 Replies

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