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kill, krill, skirl, skull, spill, still, swill Krill, Skull, Spill, still

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skill - die EignungLast post 09 Jun 05, 16:22
Also der MW Eintrag liefert IMO keinen Hinweis auf die Bedeutung "Eignung": Main Entry: 2ski…2 Replies
Cross skill - Cross SkillLast post 25 Feb 13, 11:00
Cross skill existing resources in other service areas How should i translate "Cross Skill" …2 Replies
skill - phrasesLast post 15 Mar 06, 21:51
Is there a phrase "to give skill"? This activity gives me much skill"/many new skills --> …2 Replies
possess skill?Last post 24 May 12, 16:42
I want to say some one has a certain skill. Is it also possible to say this person "possesse…3 Replies
leadership skills - FührungsqualitätLast post 29 Jan 15, 19:02
Setting the example is probably the most important leadership skill. It is the most effectiv…2 Replies
skill, ability, capacityLast post 03 Aug 13, 12:11
Wie könnte man den Unterschied zwischen skill, ability und capacity (alles im Sinne v7 Replies
skill game - GeschicklichkeitsspielLast post 10 Jan 11, 08:49
Linker Teil der Tabelle auf: http://www.skillgaming.de/skill-games/ Weitere Hintergründe un…1 Replies
aesthetic skill - FormgefühlLast post 22 Mar 14, 14:12
Formgefühl: Substantiv, Neutrum - ausgeprägtes Gefühl für künstlerische Form. (Düden) Die ins2 Replies
Pictorial thinking & language skillLast post 17 May 12, 11:54
Time to get back to a language topic? You guys may think this is really nutty, but it's been…58 Replies
verb usage of "skill"Last post 15 May 18, 19:08
Is "skill" sometimes (correctly) used as a verb?Can you skill staff members?3 Replies