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Orthographically similar words

bleep, seep, sheep, sleek, steep, sweep Salep

Related search terms

shuteye, shut-eye

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beauty sleep - der Schlaf - vor MitternachtLast post 05 Jul 06, 19:42
Ich habe beauty sleep - Schönheitsschlaf noch nie notwendigerweise für die Zeit vor Mitterna…6 Replies
sleep tightLast post 15 Dec 06, 23:57
Ist "sleep tight" ein gebräuchlicher Ausdrück? Ich kenne es aus einem Lied und dachte es wär…15 Replies
sleep tightLast post 04 Aug 14, 14:51
Quick question, why can I say "sleep tight", shouldn't tight be used as an adverb or does it…14 Replies
sleep apneaAE | sleep apnoeaBE - die SchlafapnoeLast post 12 Dec 17, 23:02
Deutsch:die Schlafapnoe: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/SchlafapnoeSchlafapnoe, dieWort…2 Replies
ounce of sleepLast post 31 Mar 11, 12:55
Heard this today for the first time, and it gets good google. I would automatically say "wi…3 Replies
sleep deprivation - SchlafentzugLast post 23 Jan 06, 17:26
headline in an news@nature.con online publication: "Early-morning bleariness worse than slee…1 Replies
Schlaf Kindlein schlaf - Sleep my child, sleepLast post 14 Aug 18, 20:46
Sleep my child, sleep Your father tends the sheep, Your mother shakes the apple tree, As fal…7 Replies
to fall on sleepLast post 10 Sep 08, 15:03
from a grave inscription from the beginning of the 20th century (he fell on sleep 12th Decem…1 Replies
to get to sleepLast post 22 Feb 11, 12:33
I it possible to say: "in big cities people never get to sleep" for German 2in großen Städte…4 Replies
Sleep tight, shine brightLast post 25 Mar 20, 17:53
In einem Nachruf oder auch als Inschrift auf einem Grabstein.Wer oder was soll hier scheinen…7 Replies