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suavely, seamlessly, problem-free

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unruhig - not smoothlyLast post 05 May 14, 14:21
Die Spindel läuft unruhig. -> The spindle runs not smoothly.3 Replies
pretty smoothlyLast post 27 Oct 07, 13:16
Everyone in the D.A.s office is killing themselves getting the right warrants, but so far it…5 Replies
overlap smoothly und smoothly overlapping chartsLast post 06 Feb 05, 23:53
2 charts f und g are said to overlap smoothly if f^(-1)0g is a diffeomorphism Vielen Dank fï…5 Replies
the systems were smoothly introduced into operationLast post 17 Dec 08, 15:43
Please can anyone help: does this expression exist? I've never heard this before! more to s…2 Replies
verkantungsfrei - smoothly ?Last post 05 Mar 10, 04:08
Hierdurch können der Streifen an Führungsschienen sicher und verkantungs frei geführt werden…1 Replies
Things in my life are definitely going smoothly. - Die Dinge verlaufen in meinem Leben mit Sicherheit reibungslos.Last post 05 Jul 17, 12:05
Mir fehlt hier die zeitliche Komponente (are going); das müsste ja zumindest ein 'derzeit' o…7 Replies
flach abfallender sandstrand - shallow-smoothly sinking sand beachLast post 03 Apr 07, 21:45
eigentlich heißt es sogar seichter und flachabfallender Sandstrand, sehr geeignet für Kinder…5 Replies
for making this conference run smoothlyLast post 05 Jul 14, 13:44
Let's hear it for the XYZ staff for making this conference run so smoothly! Thanking the hos4 Replies
A vintage car does not run smoothly if fed with gasoline and nothing else.Last post 28 Feb 10, 09:24
I hope this is the right place for a problem concerning only the sound of a sentence. The qu3 Replies
geographic proximity needs to be combined with well developed and smoothly functioning transport connections?Last post 16 Mar 12, 14:30
Guten Tag, ich komm hier gerade mit nachfolgendem Satz überhaupt nicht weiter. Was ich sag…7 Replies