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shake, slake, snack, snare, sneak, stake Sake, Senke, Snack, Stake

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snake-like - schlangenartigLast post 30 Oct 11, 13:53
Adj. 1. snakelike - resembling a serpent in form; "a serpentine wall"; "snaky ridges in the …2 Replies
asp - NatterLast post 15 Feb 08, 17:32
Wie in related discussion und related discussion nachzulesen ist, wurden bereits die Einträg…5 Replies
snake or serpent?Last post 19 Aug 04, 11:08
Who can tell me the difference between snake and serpent?1 Replies
Brick twins, Snake and JaggedLast post 18 Sep 13, 13:34
Dunkin, Donuts. That's one type of coding Ellie used - a kind of rebus soundalike. Diane la…31 Replies
snake oil - SchlangenölLast post 28 Jan 08, 08:56
http://m-w.com/dictionary/snakeoil http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlangen%C3%B6l http://www.…3 Replies
plumber's snake - RohrreinigunsgwelleLast post 26 Feb 07, 15:59
MW Online Main Entry: plumber's snake Function: noun : a long flexible rod or cable usually …7 Replies
snake pit - KlapsmühleLast post 05 Dec 07, 12:23
One Word a day SYNONYMS for "funny farm" booby hatch, bughouse, insane asylum, laughing ac…4 Replies
snake dance - der SchlangentanzLast post 15 May 17, 10:27
Deutsch:der Schlangentanz: https://www.dwds.de/wb/SchlangentanzSchlangentanz, derGrammatik: …0 Replies
snake slough - das NatternhemdLast post 02 Aug 05, 01:20
s. Beispielfeld snake slough http://www.herpetofauna.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=676&PN=…0 Replies
snake eyes - der EinerpaschLast post 01 Nov 12, 20:12
http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/snake-eyes snake eyes Definitions plura…2 Replies