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gnarl, snail, snare, snarly, sonar Sonar, sonar

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Jacobin snarlLast post 16 Oct 06, 08:27
Filmkritik in der New York Times Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette,” It may be t4 Replies
perpetual snarlLast post 27 Feb 07, 13:12
His mouth is deformed, his upper lip pulled up in a perpetual snarl Tut mir leid, habs mehr…1 Replies
snarl wordLast post 13 Feb 09, 18:01
Cult is a vicious "snarl" word used by the media to refer to dangerous, destructive religiou…2 Replies
to snarl awayLast post 03 Sep 10, 19:48
"a road snarling away in dust and truck smoke..." to snarl= murren, knurren, sich verwickel…2 Replies
a snarl of furyLast post 24 Mar 09, 18:29
"Gundabald´s reply was a snarl of fury."4 Replies
to growl / to snarlLast post 22 Mar 15, 08:49
to growl: Carlisle wasn't looking at me. "Edward", he said. "No," Edward growled. His jaw w…16 Replies
Twisted Into a Snarl - in ein Zähnefletschen verbogenLast post 12 Oct 07, 14:23
"Britain's Once Stiff Upper Lip Is Being Twisted Into a Snarl" Quelle: "Britain's Once Sti…2 Replies
to poke fun at so. - jmdn. anpflaumen [ugs.] | pflaumte an, angepflaumt |Last post 21 May 09, 18:40
http://ladykinkling.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/fahrradgeschichten-17-antoine-wird-mal-wieder-a…6 Replies
Fauchen - growlingLast post 03 Apr 10, 17:25
Gerade stärke ich mich an der Quelle, da ertönt das Fauchen eines Löwen. Ich drehe mich um, …2 Replies
VerkehrsknotenLast post 16 Aug 02, 20:41
Im Verkehrsknoten von Hamburg ereigneten sich heute viele Unfaelle. Domain: Infrastructure?3 Replies