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Orthographically similar words

natch, snatchy, snath, snathe, snitch, swatch sonach

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seize, grab, catch, snap, grasp

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Snatch (Film)- DialectsLast post 29 Jun 08, 14:40
Hi everyone. I need some help fuguring out some dialects from Guy Ritchie's film SNATCH. I k…0 Replies
snatch - "Möse" (Vulva)Last post 02 Sep 09, 09:22
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: http://www.oup.com/oald-bin/web_getald7index1a.pl Cam…10 Replies
snatch block - UmlenkrolleLast post 24 Apr 07, 22:06
Snatch block (Naut.), a kind of block with an opening in one side to receive the bight of a …0 Replies
snatchLast post 01 Apr 06, 02:08
http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/s.htm snatch Noun. The female genitals. fehlt irgendwie1 Replies
snatchLast post 20 Mar 08, 11:49
ballads begin with a little snatch of conversation ich schaffe es einfach nicht das zu über…5 Replies
snatch opportunityLast post 06 Feb 12, 11:16
"We're meeting her in the pub, it doesn't matter what you fucking call it. It's a gold-plate…11 Replies
snatch (weight lifting) - Reißen (Gewichtheben)Last post 19 Apr 08, 16:40
Duden-Oxford1 Replies
abjagen - win back/snatch back/regainLast post 18 Sep 07, 12:29
Die Mannschaft setzte nun alles daran, dem Gegner den Rekord wieder abzujagen. This spurre…5 Replies
Clean and Jerk - Stoßen (Gewichtheben)Last post 13 Aug 08, 16:56
Sa combined 163kg in the Snatch and 203kg in the Clean and Jerk for a winning total of 366kg…0 Replies
rash of snatch and runsLast post 16 Aug 10, 22:10
There had been a rash of snatch and runs plaguing this area. Kontext: Ein Polizist ist auf …3 Replies