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local rag - KäseblattLast post 05 Jun 07, 12:05 Replies
snot, snot nose, snotty fellow - Rotze, Rotznase, freche Rotznas'Last post 24 Feb 04, 18:09
komm grad drauf, weil meine Nase läuft Rotze = snot Rotznase = snot nose freche Rotznas'= s…5 Replies
Rag RugsLast post 04 Dec 17, 16:33
Can anyone tell me whether a German rural household in the 1930s would have rag rugs?Or are …9 Replies
snot - der SchnodderLast post 09 Dec 08, 16:28 Replies
snot - der Schnuddel - regionalLast post 23 Apr 12, 07:20
Schnuddel: Schnuddel, der Gebrauch:landschaft…0 Replies
rag - das SchmierblattLast post 01 Jul 14, 15:52 Definition of RAG 3: newspaper; especially : 11 Replies
snot locker - schnodderschrankLast post 02 Apr 11, 16:49
aus buch "the glass castle" v. jeannette walls s. 35 "you busted your snot locker pretty goo…5 Replies
communist rag -- Fernsehsender?Last post 02 Oct 17, 23:28't help since MSNBC has the lowest rat…10 Replies
discharging a snot [tech.] - das Anstecken kein Pl. - Zündschnur Last post 10 Jan 15, 19:55
This may be a technical term I'm unfamiliar with, but from other dictionaries I can't see an…3 Replies
rag rat - der HosenscheißerLast post 03 Apr 17, 22:03
You know all that stuff that you were terrified of as a rug rat?3 Replies

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