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Orthographically similar words

boar, oar, roar, scar, sear, soak, soap, sorb, sort, star Ovar, Saar, Sarg, Sari, Soap, Soda, Sodar, Sofa, Soja, solar, Sonar, sonar, Soor, Sore, Star

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rise, ascend

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soar down - hinuntersausenLast post 23 Mar 16, 15:50
http://www.tyrol.com/things-to-do/attractions/all-attractions/a-airrofan-skyglider Im obigen…2 Replies
soar past - überholenLast post 27 Oct 11, 17:43
"Last year the United States soared past Germany as the world's biggest generator of wind po…1 Replies
soar throatLast post 17 Apr 07, 19:16
Side effects reported by patients were: fatigue, back pain, sore throat... Danke,1 Replies
hear soarLast post 10 Dec 07, 23:50
It's such a wonderful house, such a great architecture. It just makes your hear soar, lifts …2 Replies
sehr stark ansteigen - soarLast post 07 Feb 08, 20:40
Hallo, kann ich soar verwenden, wenn ich ich Marktanteile analysiere. "the market share of …4 Replies
soar away sunLast post 12 Apr 07, 12:03
Whether you're soar away sun or BBC 1 Disinformation is a weapon of mass destruction Das i…1 Replies
hearts could soarLast post 20 Jul 10, 14:02
der ganze Satz: "Where Things could fly and hearts could soar."1 Replies
soar and surgeLast post 09 Aug 18, 14:12
The song boils with energy, the vocals maniacal in their ferocity and the music exploding fr…3 Replies
when the raven climbs the rope, the dog must soar like the hwakLast post 05 Nov 12, 13:42
Kennt jemand diesen Spruch? Wird in einem Roman, der im 15. Jahrh. spielt, als Prohezeiung z…6 Replies
soar beyond hot acLast post 12 Apr 07, 18:13
Given the recent pop success of old-school rock ballads, "Memory" should soar beyond hot AC a2 Replies