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sing softly, speak softlyLast post 27 Mar 06, 22:14
He sang softly to her until she went to sleep. He spoke softly in her ear, reassuring her t…2 Replies
a softly softly approachLast post 30 Jan 08, 11:17
british/australian idiom Gibts da im Deutschen eine Entsprechung dafür?6 Replies
softly-spokenLast post 29 Mar 05, 01:41
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/this_world/4352171.stm What does this veil mean to me?…3 Replies
softly spokenLast post 14 Oct 08, 16:42
The manager was a softly spoken Irish. Hatte er einen leichten Akzent, oder was bedeutet das?4 Replies
...hair swung softly...Last post 28 Aug 09, 17:41
She bent her head forward, the dark hair swung softly on either side of her face. Sie senk…7 Replies
softly-spoken - sanftLast post 20 Dec 09, 10:49
By the late 1960s, Oral Roberts had evolved into a softly-spoken television orator. His prim…0 Replies
Softly, softly catchee monkey. - Mit Geduld und Spucke fängt man eine Mücke.Last post 21 May 17, 18:29
http://dict.leo.org/german-english/spuckeSoftly, softly catchee monkey. = Mit Geduld und Spu…16 Replies
Fair and softly goes far.Last post 20 Feb 17, 09:10
Hallo!Ich habe paar Fragen an die Muttersprachler bzw. and die Experten.1. Woher stammt der…9 Replies
softly exotic, fruity and dryLast post 13 Jul 06, 08:54
als Geschmacksbeschreibung für einen aromatisierten Schwarztee Es geht mir nur um die Bedeut…5 Replies
you killing me so softlyLast post 27 May 07, 23:29
I don`t know why but it`s true can you tell me this, please in due time ;)2 Replies

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