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Orthographically similar words

folder, holder, molder, polder, slider, smolder, soldier Holder, Polder, solide, sonder

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tin-solder, braze

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solder - das Lot usw.Last post 08 Dec 14, 09:24
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=solder&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&mult1 Replies
solder mask - LötstopplackLast post 19 Jul 07, 13:06
Quellen finden sich viele im Web, z. B. firma Peters, ein großer deutscher: http://www.pete…2 Replies
preshaped filler - LotformteilLast post 02 Jul 04, 14:01
If "preshaped filler" is searched in Google, no relevant hits are found, whereas "solder pre…0 Replies
Lotperle - Solder ball or solder bump?Last post 13 Apr 05, 08:25
Lötfehlerrate sinkt meist, aber tendenziell: -Tombstoning -Lotperlenbildung (nicht layoutpr…2 Replies
solder wire, solder bars, solder paste, fluxesLast post 01 Jul 08, 00:07
Soldering products such as solder wire, solder bars, solder paste, fluxes Do we say Lötdrah…1 Replies
Lötprofil - solder profileLast post 23 Mar 10, 19:32
Gemeint ist damit das Lötprofil eines elektr. Bauteiles1 Replies
solder potLast post 19 May 06, 09:05
The solder bar is used both for wave solder and solder pot. = Die Lötstange wird sowohl bei…2 Replies
solder wickLast post 23 May 06, 12:11
Dedicated soldering iron, sponge, solder wick & labeled with LF symbol. It is good practic…2 Replies
solder particlesLast post 05 Mar 10, 12:19
The areas in which soldering os to be carried out shall be maintained in a neat orderly fash…5 Replies
solder wellLast post 04 Jan 11, 17:39
Beschreibung eines elektrischen Verbinders "The outer end of each socket contact is provide…7 Replies