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solicitor generalLast post 01 Oct 07, 14:57
The solicitor General of India Wie heißt das genau auf Deutsch? Welche Art von Anwalt ist das?4 Replies
Lawyer/SolicitorLast post 09 Apr 07, 19:20
He's our solicitor. You should talk to a lawyer. What's the difference between the two (I'm…1 Replies
treasury solicitorLast post 17 Dec 09, 13:47
zum Bsp.: Treasury Solicitor's Department (TSol) suche die richtige deutsche Bezeichnung1 Replies
solicitor-advocateLast post 17 Oct 08, 12:56
In the court, solicitor-advocate Adam Tudor told Mr Justice Eady the articles had suggested …1 Replies
solicitor at lawLast post 17 May 10, 16:51
Anwalt oder Rechtsanwalt?4 Replies
applicant's solicitor - referenceLast post 31 Jan 10, 22:12
applicant's solicitor - reference respondent's solicitor - reference Handelt es sich bei r…3 Replies
CPS Solicitor - StaatsanwaltLast post 16 Feb 08, 17:35
The CPS solicitor thought they should commit him to prison on remand. Da der solicitor in di…1 Replies
Sachwalter (österreichisch) - solicitor??Last post 25 Jun 21, 19:35
"Der Sachwalter ist eine von Amtswegen beigegebene Person, die in bestimmten Bereichen, jema…7 Replies
Items in Solicitor's billLast post 07 Sep 10, 10:11
PST on Fees and Disbursements GST on Fees and Taxable Disbursements and Charges The above …6 Replies
law officer / Official SolicitorLast post 31 May 10, 17:52
At the Family Division hearing a public law officer called the Official Solicitor was appoin…1 Replies

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