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Orthographically similar words

conic, Ionic, ionic, ontic, Sinic, snick, sodic, sonics, Stoic, stoic, tonic Tonic

Related search terms

acoustically, acoustic, acoustical

Forum discussions containing the search term

sonicLast post 18 Nov 10, 13:31
"I wanna make a super sonic woman of you" Queen, don't stop me now. Ich hör das Lied immer …2 Replies
sonic bang - der ÜberschallknallLast post 09 Jan 06, 19:12
PONS (hab hier keine weiteren Quellen) Begriff sollte gängig sein.14 Replies
sonic tackLast post 16 Mar 05, 13:46
PPAP (Sonic Tack Home Line) PPAP (Complete Sonic Tack) Die Ausdrücke stammen aus einem Proje…0 Replies
sonic blasterLast post 27 Oct 16, 18:36
When she was adding decibles to Cyborg's sonic blaster or doing her weekly security sweep of…8 Replies
sonic disruptorLast post 17 Feb 17, 14:29
She successfully set off everyone's phones as one big ear-shattering sonic disruptor. In di…3 Replies
Sonic youthLast post 27 Jul 10, 12:53
You don't like sonic youth? So fuck off und die too! Auszug aus dem Song "Willem" der Grupp…3 Replies
sonic reducerLast post 11 Nov 09, 16:21
sonic reducer, ain't no loser Unter anderem Song der "Dead Boys", aber was heißt es bloß?2 Replies
sonic crystalsLast post 18 May 12, 10:07
Weiß vielleicht jemand, ob "sonic crystals" im Deutschen sonische oder akustische Kristalle …3 Replies
moral sonic orderLast post 07 Oct 04, 13:57
"The pitcher also holds the trump card in terms of sound. Often with the aid of a microphone…4 Replies
sonic heater (terrarium) REPTILIENHALTER aufgepasst!Last post 28 Mar 12, 05:12
sonic heater in a vivarium Es geht um ein Terrarium für eine Leguan. Heizkabel sind es schon…1 Replies