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sovereign - die 20-Schilling-MünzeLast post 15 Mar 07, 18:53
sovereign • noun 1 [...] 2 a former British gold coin worth one pound sterling. http://4 Replies
sovereignLast post 22 Jan 08, 10:43
Queen Elizabeth has been sovereign of the UK since 1952.5 Replies
sovereign wealth fund - StaatsfondsLast post 03 Mar 09, 11:56
A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) is a state-owned investment fund composed of financial assets …0 Replies
sovereign debts - StaatsschuldenLast post 03 Nov 11, 13:44
Greek banks are exposed to the sovereign debts of their country. They would need new capital…1 Replies
Sovereign God - HerrschergottLast post 18 May 09, 19:27
The Psalmist is trying to point out the most obvious truth about God — that he is the Sovereig0 Replies
sovereign rating - Rating von StaatsanleihenLast post 17 Apr 07, 23:45
Fitch IBCA (=a credit rating agency) admitted the moves to downgrade Korea were 'the most dr…0 Replies
sovereign debtLast post 11 Jun 06, 11:21
http://www.economist.com/countries/Japan/profile.cfm?folder=Profile-Forecast Both Moody’s and 6 Replies
Sovereign powerLast post 02 Mar 05, 07:21
What is the exact meaning of "sovereign power? Thanks.4 Replies
sovereign immunityLast post 02 Sep 09, 01:42
In einem auf englisch verfassten Vertrag steht es: "For bookings in Germany, German federal…5 Replies
sovereign defaultLast post 18 Nov 10, 17:35
Title of Article: Costs of sovereign default Abstract: Over the past quarter of a century, …5 Replies