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park, parka, parky, sarky, shark, spank, spar, spare, Spare, speak, Speak, spear, spork, Stark, stark Park, Parka, Spart, stark

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Spergel, Spörgel

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lightning sparkLast post 02 Oct 08, 02:59
Hi everyone, I (german as mother tongue) stumpled across a strange band name and became curi…3 Replies
spark-plug, spark plug - Initator, treibende KraftLast post 06 Nov 09, 20:20
OED: 2. fig. One who or that which initiates or is the driving force behind any activity or …0 Replies
spark knock - MotorklopfenLast post 23 Nov 08, 12:02
Knocking (also called knock, detonation or spark knock, pinking in UK English or pinging in …0 Replies
"to spark sth." vs "to spark sth. off" Last post 29 Feb 12, 14:47
Sind "to spark sth. off" ( http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=7 Replies
SparkLast post 29 Feb 08, 10:57
Electrical Technician or Electrician= "Spark" or "Sparkie" In the UK electrical technicians…1 Replies
Heat rating of a spark plug - Wärmewert einer ZündkerzeLast post 12 Sep 08, 14:51
Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spark_plug#Heat_range indicates the capability of t…0 Replies
spark gap detonator - SpaltzündmittelLast post 23 Jul 09, 13:29
Bezeichnung gemäß Hersteller1 Replies
Zündkerzen - spark plugsLast post 04 Apr 06, 22:58
If you have your car serviced, the minimum they should do is change the oil and spark plugs.…1 Replies
spark - Interesse weckenLast post 07 Dec 05, 01:14
http://www.onphilanthropy.com/articles/print.aspx?cid=695 Stammt aus der Überschrift: Spark…8 Replies
spark curvesLast post 13 Mar 07, 12:59
muss irgendwas am auto sein... vielen dank!1 Replies