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peak, sneak, spank, spark, spear Peak, Spark, Speck, Steak

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Ebay speakLast post 31 Jan 13, 09:22
I sell on Ebay, and I told someone through "messages" (this was to a buyer) that they should…29 Replies
speak fluently / speak fluentLast post 20 Dec 09, 19:33
War mit zwei Muttersprachlern in Urlaub und beide (1 Amerikaner und 1 Neuseeländer) habe imm…20 Replies
Let's speak EnglishLast post 09 Nov 06, 23:57
I've just listened to this funny short video with Marty Feldmann, however I could not unders…11 Replies
Convenience Store SpeakLast post 17 Jul 10, 10:48
I don't know how it currently is in Europe, but in the USA, in many convenience stores, the …29 Replies
speak to vs speak withLast post 31 Mar 18, 21:05
Ich dachte immer, es hieße im Englischen "speak to s.o." und nicht "speak with s.o.". Auch …10 Replies
Talk / SpeakLast post 20 Dec 08, 13:33
Mir ist eben folgender "Spruch" untergekommen: Talk fortran, not smalltalk. Inhaltlich woh…1 Replies
Do you speak English?Last post 05 Dec 06, 15:26
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziFIv1P4bLc&NR2 Replies
Yes, we speak DeutschLast post 27 Jan 14, 17:03
Englische Muttersprachler lernen, statistisch gesehen, selten Fremdsprachen. „Deshalb macht …33 Replies
to speak in tongues - in Zungen reden (fig.)Last post 08 Mar 18, 21:49
Verb 1. speak in tongues - speak unintelligibly in or as if in religious ecstasy; "The paris…18 Replies
US politicians who speak GermanLast post 26 Apr 07, 20:10
I am curious about how many US politicians speak German. Does anyone know a few? I read th…41 Replies