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Orthographically similar words

Sechs, Speck, Speis

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glasses, spectacles, eyeglasses

Forum discussions containing the search term

per specsLast post 23 Feb 12, 18:56
Electrical assembly complete per specs aus der beschreibung einer maschine2 Replies
meeja specsLast post 10 Apr 11, 15:48
He wore dated thick-rimmed meeja specs. Fpr "meeja" habe ich zwar die Entsprechung "media" …2 Replies
out-of-specsLast post 27 Apr 11, 10:59
An out-of-specs investigation procedure. In Zusammenhang mit Qualitätssicherung.3 Replies
vanilla bean specsLast post 13 Jun 17, 05:07
Aus einer Zutatenliste für Schokolade Hallo zusammen,hat jemand eine Ahnung, was mit "vanil…10 Replies
to throw out specsLast post 29 May 06, 00:23
http://www.eslpod.com/website/show_podcast.php?issue_id=184 He immediately started throwing …6 Replies
...products match the specs.Last post 01 Feb 07, 14:20
I believe that quality control is all about checking that products match the specs. Hello, …4 Replies
... all to our specsLast post 12 May 18, 19:21
We got to design our own piece of furniture, all to our specs. Any idea what this could mea…3 Replies
die die Vorgaben betreffen - that affect the specs OR that are affected by the specs.Last post 18 Jun 09, 13:33
Die Vorgaben selbst kommen aus den Bereichen bzw. Abteilungen, die die Vorgaben betreffen. I…4 Replies
tiny specs of white eggshellsLast post 19 Jan 18, 14:39
Tiny specs of white eggshells lay broken around the alligators, as the creatures had not mov…4 Replies
now drizzle was drizzling down inside his specs.Last post 07 Sep 10, 15:27
now drizzle was drizzling down inside his specs. = Jetzt nieselte feiner Regen ... hinab. W…3 Replies