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spreading Last post 29 Jan 09, 10:49
The isothermal spreading of liquid Au and Sn substrates were studied... und The spreading…1 Replies
spreading Last post 11 Nov 11, 18:27
Apricots grow on large, spreading trees with bright green, oval leaves. weit, breit?1 Replies
spreadingLast post 09 Feb 12, 18:35
Ground cover - Habit: Evergreen, spreading, fast growing, mature height not to exceed 24". …8 Replies
spreading room - AusbreitungsraumLast post 31 Jul 09, 16:22
The path along the English coastline would have recreational space or "spreading room" aroun…2 Replies
spreading vehicle - StreufahrzeugLast post 29 Dec 10, 11:41
The brine minimises the amount of dry salt removed from the carriageway by the draught from …1 Replies
Spreizzange - spreading pliersLast post 16 Aug 12, 21:07
Der verletzte Fahrer musste von der Feuerwehr mittels einer hydraulischen Spreizzange aus de…1 Replies
Lastenverteilung - Loss spreading Last post 15 May 10, 16:17
It's just a keyword in a legal text, so there is no "context". Leo gives: burden-sharing, bu…3 Replies
hinverzetteln ? - spreading out ?Last post 20 Jan 09, 00:37
Es war sechs Uhr abends, heiß, der längste Tag nahe, das Dorf, an dessen Rand sich die Garag…4 Replies
Feuchtsalzstreuung - pre-wetted salt spreadingLast post 29 Dec 10, 11:00
Um zu erreichen, dass gestreutes Salz hinreichend lang auf der Fahrbahn festgehalten wird, o…0 Replies
pass spreadingLast post 21 Jun 06, 13:03
...a light reduction rate at a finish rolling pass to suppress pass spreading rolling, struc…0 Replies