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Orthographically similar words

smart, star, stare, state, stoat, strut Astat, Sitar, smart, Staat, Stadt, Star, stark, starr, Statt

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start to work /start work/start working (en)Last post 06 Jan 06, 18:37
Example: She starts work at 9 in the morning. By revision of my father's course notes recor…13 Replies
start-up company - das JungunternehmenLast post 19 Jan 11, 17:35
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&2 Replies
stop = startLast post 14 Jan 10, 11:23
Hello! Does the phrase "did you ever stop to think ..." have the exact same meaning as the p…15 Replies
start to fade vs. start fadingLast post 22 Apr 18, 23:06
Gibt's da einen Unterschied?9 Replies
to start over\t\t - noch einmal von vorn (auch: vorne) anfangenLast post 01 Oct 10, 18:27
just wanted to make sure that the British tongue doesn't get totally subsumed by the America…8 Replies
rough start - schwerer StartLast post 15 Mar 09, 13:29
Despite a rough start, the company grew steadily ... Bin für jeden Verbesserungsvorschlag da…2 Replies
start work - start to workLast post 26 Nov 07, 09:52
I was told it was not correct to say "He can start TO work on Monday." It must be "He can st…1 Replies
start vs beginLast post 23 Oct 09, 15:07
Hallo zusammen, wollte ausdrücken, das etwas im November anfängt, oder im November zum erst…1 Replies
for a startLast post 29 Jan 09, 19:01
I would like to know whether "for a start" is a colloquial expression or not? And if yes, wh…6 Replies
interested to start Last post 15 Oct 13, 23:23
Is that even correct? "interested in starting" sounds better to me, but I wonder whether "to…5 Replies