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strengthen - erstarkenLast post 11 Sep 20, 20:22
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/strengthenhttps://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery…2 Replies
Beziehung vertiefen - strengthen relationshipLast post 16 Mar 09, 12:29
"Um unser Interesse an der Vertiefung unserer Geschäftsbeziehung zu demonstrieren ...." Geht…4 Replies
die Verbundenheit stärken? - strengthen tiesLast post 29 Jan 15, 21:26
Can you actually "strengthen the ties between people"?! Im Deutschen steht sowas wie: "Der …5 Replies
strengthen the bondLast post 07 Jul 09, 21:36
"Strengthen the bond" in the context of coach and player. merci4 Replies
forests which strengthen - Wälder die ... verstärkenLast post 15 Jan 08, 18:45
Furthermore there are forests, big forests which strengthen the atmosphere of wilderness. Ic…7 Replies
seeks to further strengthenLast post 11 Jun 09, 19:59
XY seeks to further strengthen its capital structure. XY möchte / versucht seine Finanzieru…2 Replies
to strengthen an adviceLast post 23 Mar 09, 15:57
Originalsatz: The advice concerning the running of samples has been strengthened in Sectio…4 Replies
...positives Selbstwertgefühl durch - ...strengthen one's self-esteem Last post 21 Aug 07, 20:19
Unser Ziel ist eine „individuelle und aktivierende Pflege“, d.h. ein positives Selbstwer6 Replies
strengthen policies for economic growth - festigt die Wachstumspolitik Last post 29 Jan 09, 11:07
Can you use festigen with `Politik`? Or is it better to use `Verstaerken`? Thanks.1 Replies
to strengthen voice with sb.Last post 08 May 09, 21:21
If the use of metrics is leveraged, aid agencies will be able to: • Use actual data to streng1 Replies