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springer, stinger, strainer, stranger, stringed Springer, Strainer, strenger

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stringerLast post 15 Jan 09, 18:47
The markings on the side of the glass beads are made with a stringer. ich finde keine passe…3 Replies
stringerLast post 17 Jul 08, 15:26
Attached to this specification there are two 3-D-models of typical reinforced panels. Bitte…6 Replies
stringerLast post 14 Feb 09, 11:39
"If you had fish, though," David told hewr, "like goggle-fishing and the fish on a striner o…1 Replies
stringer correspondentLast post 20 May 07, 13:08
Lokalreporter?2 Replies
raquet stringer/stringing machineLast post 31 Jan 11, 10:29
Andy Murray sent his racquets to the stringer (to repair the strings on his tennis racquet).…3 Replies
desk beam stringer cap ?Last post 27 Jul 10, 07:05
Unidirectional Fibers placed on desk beam stringer caps help reduce the depth of the beam th…1 Replies
welded-box stringer (Treppenbau)Last post 15 Mar 20, 16:16
Es geht um The thick-sectioned treads and risers are faced with darkly stained lacquered woo…1 Replies
stringer for the wire servicesLast post 01 Jul 06, 00:32
The guy's name is Alfred Fellig. He's rattled around Manhattan for years. Apparently a strin…2 Replies
Zugriegel und Druckriegel (Hallenbau / Hall construction) - Stringer? / Tension and thrust beam (rod) ?Last post 05 Jun 11, 14:26
"Zug- und Druckriegel zwischen den Leimholzbindern" The main wooden beams of an industrial h…0 Replies
StrichraupentechnikLast post 22 Sep 08, 12:18
In einer Verfahrensanleitung für die Reparaturschweißung eines Metallteiles heißt es "Es ist…3 Replies