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racily, firmly, vigorous, strong, sturdy

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"strongly" oder "perfectly"Last post 30 Nov 07, 17:29
I spent a term/semester/year in Germany, which gave me the opportunity to improve my written…7 Replies
to strongly suggestLast post 29 Jul 11, 17:07
"This pattern of radioactive and immunoreactive peaks strongly suggests that ...." Due to th10 Replies
it is strongly recommended - es wird streng empfohlenLast post 28 Aug 03, 22:38
Ehrlich gesagt habe ich als Muttersprachlerin noch nie den Ausdruck "etwas wird streng empfo…44 Replies
preserve sth sustainedly/effectively/strongly????Last post 12 Feb 08, 15:59
I’ve already worked for an institution which researches local history and preserves the loc5 Replies
sehr stark - very stronglyLast post 16 Jun 11, 10:58
Wölbung = curvature konkav = concave sehr stark = very strongly stark = strongly mäßig = m…5 Replies
stark angegriffen - strongly affectedLast post 16 Jun 10, 12:36
Die Stahlbetonteile, die als Auflager dienen, sind sehr stark angegriffen. The parts of rei…1 Replies
feels strongly Last post 16 Aug 06, 07:19
...that a client feels strongly about not having his company name used in vendor marketing m…3 Replies
strongly recommendLast post 21 Apr 10, 21:50
I can strongly recommend it! Ich kann es sehr empfehlen! Stimmt die Übersetzung?13 Replies
Strongly believeLast post 23 Apr 09, 11:20
I strongly believe that this year's budget will prove successful. What is the best way to r…1 Replies
strongly resembleLast post 12 Dec 07, 11:36
You strongly resemble her. Hallo, was heißt das auf Deutsch? Danke1 Replies