Possible base forms for "studies"

    study (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

studied Studie

Forum discussions containing the search term

undergraduate studies / graduate studiesLast post 19 Mar 08, 23:20
A number of prominent aspects of the modern university are of medieval origin, for example, …1 Replies
empiric studies - empirical studiesLast post 18 Sep 09, 17:30
Hallo! Ich wurde gerade in diesem Faden (http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThr…4 Replies
"Studies on" or "studies of"Last post 06 Feb 09, 12:22
Ich habe das forum schon durchforstet, allerdings nichts gefunden zu dem Thema. Heißt es "St…8 Replies
Studium - studies of / studies inLast post 13 May 09, 18:00
hello! is it correct to say studies of... or studies in...? thanks for your help5 Replies
Asian studies - AsienkundeLast post 17 Apr 07, 07:36
http://www.dga-ev.de/englishversion/index.html Webseiten der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Asi…1 Replies
Jewish studies - JudaistikLast post 21 Feb 07, 14:13
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_studies : Jewish studies also known as Judaic studies is…0 Replies
Queer StudiesLast post 28 Nov 06, 18:45
I just wanted to pick up on something I saw in another thread   related discussion:Women's102 Replies
nondrug studiesLast post 15 Apr 07, 11:22
There are no published nondrug studies comoparing colonic motility in women and men with IBS…3 Replies
outcome studiesLast post 06 Jan 08, 16:24
... a research project carried out conspicuously in the spirit of the outcome studies detail…5 Replies
studies + verbLast post 24 Jan 08, 14:12
Hillary Clinton is convinced that her studies at a women's college were /was (???) very impor2 Replies

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