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Orthographically similar words

scumble, stubble, tumble, tumbled, tumbler Tumbler

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trip, hit, come

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to stumble - strauchelnLast post 01 Nov 11, 13:29
Leo already has one translation for the figurative meaning: to make a false step- straucheln…0 Replies
stumble throughLast post 02 Jul 08, 23:08
You'll get to hear me stumble through the cases, Gentry, and University of California v. Eli…3 Replies
stumble tpLast post 03 Mar 10, 21:21
Despite winning their first 3 qualification games without conceding, Greece eventually stumb…1 Replies
to stumble upon - stolpern überLast post 03 May 08, 00:43
einfach googeln: doppelt so viele Fundstellen, wie für "to stumble across" Be3 Replies
to stumble pastLast post 30 Mar 07, 09:42
O'Sullivan stumbles past Carter. Vielen Dank1 Replies
to stumble over something - AnwendungLast post 01 Jul 10, 20:46
to stumble over something - Anwendung Hallo, kann mir bei folgender Formulierung bitte jema…1 Replies
stumble from pit to pit, from grace to graceLast post 25 Oct 09, 16:36
The problem with youth is that it has no grasp of the wholeness of life and must therefore s…3 Replies
Es gibt einen bestimmten Aspekt in dieser Sache, auf den ich immer wieder stoße. - There is a certain dimension to this case, upon which I stumble again and again.Last post 18 Oct 14, 13:41
Ich hab das ganz frei nach meinem Gefühl übersetzt und würde gerne wissen, ob das so okay is…2 Replies
it was those treacherous little Spanish words that made them stumble and finally fail. - Es waren diese kleinen hinterhältigen spanischen Worten, die sie ins Straucheln und schließlich Wanken brachten.Last post 06 Feb 09, 17:37
Hallo, stimmt's? Danke!1 Replies
If we should weep when clowns put on their show, If we should stumble when musicians play, Time will say nothing but I told you Last post 22 Apr 12, 10:14
Kann mir das bitte jemand übersetzen? If we should weep when clowns put on their show, ... …3 Replies