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subordinate reflexiv?Last post 27 Mar 08, 14:38
they don't want to subordinate to the king oder they don't want to subordinate themselves to…1 Replies
full subordinate clauseLast post 16 May 10, 19:48
I saw acts of destruction balanced by generosity. Can anybody rewrite this sentence using a…6 Replies
word order, subordinate clauseLast post 08 Jan 10, 13:34
Is is: I want to know where the meeting is. OR: I want to know where is the meeting? Where d…1 Replies
future tense (subordinate clauses)Last post 17 Sep 07, 17:16
I know that in many subordinate clauses, you can/ have to use the present tense when referri…2 Replies
Adjuncts or subordinate clauses?Last post 30 Jan 05, 01:26
"This man is the leader of a criminal association trafficking in arms intended for the Iraq.…6 Replies
comma after subordinate clauseLast post 25 Feb 09, 12:34
Hi, maybe someone could help me with this sentence: "To avoid biased and inconsistent esti…3 Replies
Tense simplification in subordinate clausesLast post 15 Oct 08, 21:59
My question concerns the use of tenses in subordinate clauses with "become" which refer to t…6 Replies
reported speech in subordinate clausesLast post 02 Jan 07, 03:31
Eine Grammatikfrage, bei der ich mir auch im deutschen nie sicher bin: Muss man bei der indi…3 Replies
subordinate appraisalLast post 17 Jul 09, 15:59
Die Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen bewerten ihre Vorgesetzten und liefern somit Aussagen über di…3 Replies
subordinate conceptionLast post 09 Oct 07, 12:24
The features of the present Claim 1 are the subordinate conception of the previous Claims 1.…2 Replies