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Orthographically similar words

suck Buch, euch, Sech, sich, Suche, Sucht, Tuch

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suchlike, like

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ilk - solcheLast post 06 Feb 09, 11:31
alle Beispiele auch auf der leo seite benutzen such in einem kontext mit solche. Wo kommt il…11 Replies
suchLast post 08 May 13, 11:25
I think they are not such bad people. Can we use "such " here as in "he is not such a bad …5 Replies
SuchLast post 20 Jun 11, 13:03
One of the things that makes Thai cooking ... a challenge is the sheer variety of types of …1 Replies
suchLast post 25 Mar 15, 16:21
A did B such to effect C. Ich vermute, das ist entstanden aus: A did B in such a way as to e…7 Replies
"such" vs. "such a"Last post 29 Jul 08, 17:19
What is correct (in AE)? (1) the output of such a filter is ... (2) the output of such filt…19 Replies
"such" vs. "such a"Last post 26 Apr 05, 17:52
Which one is correct? If both variants are possible, are the any differences in meaning? "I…4 Replies
such as / such like ?Last post 30 May 11, 19:47
Leo übersetzt "such as" als "zum Beispiel", oder "wie (zum Beispiel)" Ich möchte es aber im …3 Replies
no such vs such ... notLast post 05 Mar 10, 12:00
Kann man sagen: "While A showed binding to B, no such binding was found with C" statt "While…4 Replies
to be above such thing - über der Sache stehenLast post 07 Sep 16, 01:06
I'm not sure about the correspondence with the German, but "to be above such thing" doesn't…4 Replies
and suchLast post 25 Oct 09, 15:24
Am Ende einer Aufzählung: "Cats, dogs, hamsters and such" Ist "and such" ein korrekter engli6 Replies