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    suit (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

sifted, silted, suite, United, united Suite

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well-suited or well suited?Last post 07 Aug 07, 16:45
This Montpellier resort is well-suited for family excursions, while the Rome resort is very …5 Replies
suited vs. suitableLast post 26 May 08, 12:09
What's the difference between suited and suitable? Is suited for PERSONS (e.g. JOHN is suite…1 Replies
handicapped accessible - behindertengerechtLast post 23 Mar 07, 17:19
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=156890&idForum=1&lp=ende&lang=d9 Replies
Well-suitedLast post 03 Jul 07, 10:32
The court cited the example that S´s remark that T was well-suited to work with seniors,.... .2 Replies
lounge-suitedLast post 10 Dec 07, 16:45
Perhaps, she thought, a future president, l.-s., would sit in state under the canopy1 Replies
gut geeignet - well-suitedLast post 01 Jul 14, 11:22
Diese Arten von Schalungsmaterial haben sich als besonders gut geeignet herausgestellt. -> T…1 Replies
suited connector pairLast post 25 Jun 10, 14:12
Poker. When your first 2 cards are, e.g., 4&5 of clubs, or 8&9 of diamonds. A wild guess: 2 Replies
suited - suitableLast post 09 Aug 09, 13:43
die Ohrringe sind auch für nicht gepiercte Ohren geeignet the earrings are suited/suitable f1 Replies
two people better suitedLast post 30 Jun 08, 14:39
I could not think of 2 people better suited for each other than you and x. - just found out…1 Replies
zu etwas passen - to be suited to sth.Last post 28 Feb 14, 19:34
Am Ende der Castings wird der Schaulspieler ausgewählt, der am besten zur Rolle passt. -1 Replies