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Cashier in supermarketLast post 19 Oct 17, 13:27
Hello, I'm a cashier in a supermarket and I'm interested in being able to speak German with …129 Replies
supermarket grazerLast post 16 Mar 09, 16:24
Peter <us> hat woanders was über "supermarket grazers" geschrieben, und ich möchte jetzt h7 Replies
supermarket namesLast post 18 Feb 08, 19:04
I am trying to gather odd and/or meaningful supermarket names (past and present) in the US, …67 Replies
Supermarket vs. Farmer's MarketLast post 10 Jan 13, 11:38
Do you worry more about bacteria at a Farmer's Market (open-air), or more at you local super…15 Replies
Waitrose supermarket twitter ad campaignLast post 30 Oct 12, 09:35
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2205975/Waitrose-Twitter-backlash-I-shop-Waitrose--I…17 Replies
(supermarket) bogoffsLast post 12 Sep 08, 15:01
Smoking ban, credit crunch, bogoffs... (Independent vom 12.09.2008) 'bogoffs' scheinen ein…1 Replies
supermarket workerLast post 30 Aug 09, 11:57
Quite an easy thing - but it's not in LEO and I don't know whether to write it as a whole wo…3 Replies
Verbrauchermarkt - cut-price supermarketLast post 13 Oct 09, 13:38
Leo has: consumer market [comm.] der Verbrauchermarkt convenience store der Verbrau…4 Replies
Asking the way in a supermarketLast post 12 Dec 18, 20:30
Zugegeben vielleicht banal, aber was ist im BE gebräuchlich(er) für den einfachen deutschen …5 Replies
"tatting with a supermarket trolley"Last post 15 Jun 12, 13:05
According to the Government unemployment levels are at a low level, so why do I see lots of …5 Replies