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susceptibleLast post 05 Jun 07, 11:24
...the group investigated with microorganisms sucetible to be used in organic agriculture a…1 Replies
susceptible/responsive toLast post 08 Aug 11, 15:18
If hair follicle cells were susceptible/responsive to pituitary ACTH, the measurement of GC i5 Replies
susceptible of competingLast post 24 Nov 09, 01:41
Subcontractor cannot market, by itself, or through any third parties, any other product that…2 Replies
susceptible to faults - störanfälligLast post 16 Oct 08, 01:17
Someone or something that is liable to break down or be faulty1 Replies
susceptible of reasonable explanationLast post 22 Mar 05, 18:33
Scientists had come to regard the universe as a machine, obeying logical laws and susceptibl…2 Replies
susceptible of st. in....Last post 25 Apr 08, 17:10
Mystical states cannot be sustained for long. (...) Often, when faded, their quality can but…6 Replies
susceptible to antiviral agentsLast post 06 May 09, 10:33
This disease is susceptible to the most widely stocked antiviral agents, but resistant to ot…5 Replies
be susceptible to hurt Last post 05 May 08, 17:56
be susceptible to hurt its image5 Replies
stark erdbebengefährdete Zone - earthquake-susceptible regionLast post 30 Aug 04, 15:00
Die Errichtung eines Gebäudes in einer stark erdbebengefährdeten Zone ist durchaus eine komp…4 Replies
susceptible to oxidation [tech.]\t \t \t - oxidationsempfindlich auch: oxydationsempfindlich Adj. [Kunststoffe]Last post 11 Oct 13, 13:31
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