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seat, swat, swear Senat

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sweat - schwitzenLast post 14 Feb 06, 19:29
Nicht wirklich "wrong entry", sondern Folge des folgenden Dialogs:   related discussion:pr7 Replies
sweat-mill - TretmühleLast post 07 May 12, 22:26
"sweat-mill" seems to be of the "little-sister-said-it-wrong-and-everybody-found-it-so-cute"…5 Replies
sweat - die SchwitzeLast post 29 Mar 20, 18:28
Duden und DWDS kennen "die Schwitze" nicht in der Bedeutung von "Schweiß", nur in der Bedeu…2 Replies
sweat pants (AE)Last post 19 Oct 06, 00:45
Hi, just wondering if someone could tell me which word is used most commonly to refer to wha…21 Replies
to sweat - ölenLast post 15 Sep 05, 17:25
German language Ich öle. - I sweat. Umgangssprachlich für "schwitzen". Finde ich erwähnenswert.1 Replies
sweat lodge - SchwitzhütteLast post 16 Jun 06, 18:26
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweat_lodge http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SchwitzhÃŒtte should …0 Replies
sweating - der SchweißausbruchLast post 06 May 13, 12:04
Schweiß|aus|bruch, der: plötzlich einsetzendes starkes Schwitzen. (Duden) break into s9 Replies
flop sweat - nervöser Schweißausbruch Last post 03 May 12, 18:25
Durch Angst ausgelöster nervöser Schweißausbruch Quellen: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is…3 Replies
sweat gland - SchweißdrüseLast post 06 Dec 09, 21:55
In man, eccrine (merocrine) sweat glands are the common type. They have a tubular shape and …1 Replies
sweat pants - TrainingshoseLast post 20 Jun 07, 12:13
On my lower body I wear the equivalent of expedition or heavyweight poly pro. In reality thi…2 Replies