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swine fubbersLast post 20 Mar 18, 09:18
Ein Obdachloser brabbelt vor sich hin: ‘I didn’t fucking do it,’ he said as they approached. ‘37 Replies
Swine - Sau-preussenLast post 09 Aug 06, 00:33
Bavarian colloqialism Hi! Could someone please translate Sau-preussen for me? I know it Bav…1 Replies
swine vs. pigLast post 29 Apr 09, 07:36
swine vs. pig Irgendwie bedeutet beides "Schwein", aber was ist der Unterschied zwischen "s…14 Replies
be a swineLast post 04 May 11, 10:02
But occasionally I fit them (= retaining caps) the same and they can be a swine. But lets ge…1 Replies
swine flu - die SchweinegrippeLast post 30 Apr 09, 10:43 The one cur13 Replies
swine - das Schwein Pl. die SchweineLast post 10 Nov 12, 15:11
swine (swaɪn ) Definitions noun 1.Word forms: plural swines . a coarse or contemptible p…0 Replies
swine flu paranoiaLast post 13 Nov 09, 09:06
this is what it has come to: an…13 Replies
swine influenza/flu outbreakLast post 17 Sep 09, 16:31
The influence of swine flu outbreak on OTC sales. Schweinegrippeausbruch??? Would this be ok?3 Replies
Spiegelschnitt -- slaughter of swineLast post 07 Sep 19, 11:30
Stichfleisch entfernen, Nieren und Nierenzapfen entfernen, Spiegelschnitt durchführen, Rücke…4 Replies
Pearls before the SwineLast post 03 Jan 12, 17:50
Die Heavy Metal Band "Machine Head" haben auf dem neusten album einen Song namens "Pearls be…19 Replies

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