Possible base forms for "takes"

    take (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

jakes, stake, tabes, take, Take, taken, taker Stake, Tabes, Takel, Tanke

Related search terms

depends, demands


Planeten und andere Himmelskörper
Bezeichnungen von Planeten und anderen Himmelsköpern werden in der Regel ohne the gebraucht. Ausnahmen stellen the moon / the sun / the Milky Way / the earth dar. Earth (meist …

Forum discussions containing the search term

takesLast post 01 Mar 09, 17:42
First and foremost you know, I got sent the script that Paris had written and I loved it bec…2 Replies
It takes what it takes.Last post 09 May 07, 11:53
It takes what it takes. Does anybody know how this can be translated into German? Many thanks.2 Replies
times takes????Last post 28 Mar 08, 15:30
...and often times takes a considerable amount of time and effort along with near perfect pl…5 Replies
takes placesLast post 15 Aug 08, 14:28
Hallo, in der amerikanischen TV Serie "24" wird am Anfang immer verkuendet "The following …5 Replies
witty takesLast post 12 Aug 09, 09:49
.... has a reputation for witty takes, ...... , playful, exuberant sense of colour Wie könn…7 Replies
takes - dauertLast post 01 Apr 11, 13:01
Ich hab keine Ahnung wie lange die Party dauert. I have no clue how long the party takes. K…4 Replies
takes you places - takes you people?Last post 26 Oct 14, 18:51
Kann man so wie eine Person oder ein Transportmittel einen an Orte mithinnimmt (takes you pl…21 Replies
Für takes accusative!Last post 05 Feb 06, 22:02
but why does one write "Was für ein Mensch bist du?" or "Was ist er für ein Mann?" and not "…3 Replies
takes on acidityLast post 05 Oct 06, 19:44
When an electrolyte layer having hydrogen ion conductivity is used, the portion of the elect…1 Replies
takes off, seemedLast post 17 May 09, 12:54
when my father takes off I'm already 19 he wasn't as happy as I thought he seemed Ich habe …2 Replies

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