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ask, Ask, bask, cask, mask, Mask, tack, take, Take, talk, Talk, tank, teak, tusk tags, Takt, Talk, Tank, Teak

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on-task / off-taskLast post 13 May 08, 21:37
Used in the classroom: The students are "on-task" / "off-task". That is: The students are…1 Replies
behavioral task - conceptual taskLast post 12 May 10, 17:26
Intrateam processes are therefore strongly related to performance when teams engage primaril…2 Replies
task bar - Taskleiste/Task-LeisteLast post 19 Feb 04, 23:46 Die in modernen Betriebssystemen gebr…3 Replies
task - VorgangLast post 04 Jun 10, 16:10
Das deutsche MS-Project verwendet für den im Englischen üblichen Begriff "task" den Begriff …0 Replies
task - AufgabeLast post 12 May 11, 18:24
Task is listed in various collocations, but not as a direct translation. It's very basic, so…8 Replies
taffy taskLast post 14 Oct 06, 01:23
John Walston "The Buzz-word Dictionary" Marion Street Press [Oak Park] Taffy task : a job th…6 Replies
task functionsLast post 19 Nov 06, 14:40
Robert F. Bales Interaktions-Prozess-Analyse The group builds up tensions when it performs t…1 Replies
task requirementsLast post 09 Dec 06, 16:39
"The Functional Perspective of effective group decision making" by Gouran&Hirokawa Group dec…1 Replies
Aufgabe - task ?Last post 21 Dec 04, 18:37
In einem Arbeitszeugnis/Pflichtenheft: ...hatte er folgende Aufgaben zu erfüllen Ich habe hi…0 Replies
task contingenciesLast post 12 Apr 07, 17:36
Task contingencies influence the relative value of internal and external linkages. Task cont…0 Replies

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