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telephone numberLast post 12 Jan 07, 16:36
I'm trying to phone s.o. in London and can't get through. I've got the following no: 0044 (0…12 Replies
telephone banking - das TelefonbankingLast post 21 Apr 12, 11:02
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&7 Replies
telephone callLast post 23 Apr 05, 17:59
How do you usually say in German "Good Bye" or equivalent when finishing a telephone call? M…16 Replies
Telephone phrase Last post 09 Jul 10, 13:04
Wie sagt man : Weswegen rufen Sie an? What is your regard?2 Replies
telecommunications office - FernmeldeamtLast post 04 Jun 10, 09:12
Fernmeldeamt Fẹrn·mel·de·amt Substantiv Neutrum telephone exchange Pons Universell3 Replies
German telephone boxes - 1930sLast post 14 Oct 18, 16:40
Is there anybody who can give me a link - to an image of one? I'd like to know what they loo…3 Replies
Telephone protocol (greeting)Last post 05 Dec 05, 20:22
I have searched the archive and not been able to find a thread that deals with this. When m…2 Replies
Phone or Telephone?Last post 09 Aug 18, 12:19
Hi guys! Is it super informal to use the word "phone" instead of "telephone" for an online f…10 Replies
to make a telephone call - ein Telephongespräch (auch: Telefongespräch) führenLast post 22 Jun 12, 20:48
Duden (2006): Telephon usw. alte Schreibung für Telefon usw. Die Schreibweise "Telephon" ist…5 Replies
identifying yourself on telephoneLast post 29 Sep 06, 10:25
Hi everyone, I know it seems pretty elementary, but every time I have to identify myself on…19 Replies