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odds-and-ends, belongings

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things hidden - hidden thingsLast post 01 May 10, 01:38
Hi all, I have a question regarding word order and usability - I recently had to write a s…5 Replies
good things and bad thingsLast post 28 Oct 09, 02:11
Ich muss für eine Bewerbung versuchen, meine Arbeit möglichst interessant klingen zu lassen.…2 Replies
inanimate thingsLast post 17 Jan 13, 15:14
if I consider in a joke a "stone" as a student or a friend is it appropriate to use a gender…7 Replies
reporting thingsLast post 07 Sep 16, 18:55
So my students were supposed to write a report on their language trip with a description of …12 Replies
7 Things Germans Do BestLast post 23 Jun 15, 18:20
http://newzgeeks.com/7-things-germans-do-best/ My apologies if someone has already posted th…10 Replies
things people haveLast post 06 Feb 07, 23:29
Was ist richtig? 1) people's clothes oder 2) peoples' clothes Danke!1 Replies
unimaginably many thingsLast post 18 Feb 11, 13:44
does "unimaginably many things" make sense? In today's world there happen unimaginably many…2 Replies
my dog thingsLast post 23 Mar 12, 08:40
There's a clip when I show my dog things. Any hidden meaning in "dog things"? It is somethi7 Replies
there's many thingsLast post 14 Oct 14, 13:47
Mir fällt in letzter Zeit immer öfter auf, dass Leute Sätze sagen wie "Where's my keys?" ode…11 Replies
things to do and things not to do...?Last post 11 Mar 04, 19:30
The ubiquitous thing to do and things to don't (sic) have hit me. how do you spell dos and d…19 Replies