Orthographically similar words

hued, stud, thou, Thou, thru, thug, thus, turd Huld, Hund, Thun

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thump, thunk, impinge, bonk

Forum discussions containing the search term

thudLast post 10 Jun 09, 16:02
Shortly after the creation of their revolutionary script, the main reaction in Greece seemed…4 Replies
thud (lautmalerisch)Last post 24 Mar 11, 23:46
I slipped carefully out of my backpack and dropped it ahead of us. It landed with a thud. (Im15 Replies
thud (n.) / to thud (v.) - der Bums / bumsenLast post 01 Apr 08, 19:04
Ja ich weiß was ihr meint, aber es geht nur um etwas, das an eine Wand (o. ä.) schlägt. Bei…1 Replies
thud and blunderLast post 18 May 08, 16:41
Wer kann eine passende Übersetzung vom Englischen ins Deutsche geben? Zusammenhang: "In resp…1 Replies
thud and blunderLast post 13 Dec 10, 08:33
Quelle: TIME Magazine Artikel von 1977: "In response to pressure from parents and Congress, …3 Replies
thud of dubLast post 31 Jan 10, 17:50
We walked down the fifteen flights of stairs, through the thud of dub and the stink of piss,…1 Replies
closed-mouthed thudLast post 04 May 11, 15:39
the closed-mouthed thud of the white man´s tongue Statt des Akzents der australischen Abori…2 Replies
a loud thud echoedLast post 09 Oct 09, 17:14
Before she could say anything, an especially loud thud echoed above her head. Ratten toben …3 Replies
makes one heck of a thudLast post 02 Jun 09, 16:34
Gerald Weber "Tube amp talk for the guitarist and tech" I have a tube amp, that makes one h…4 Replies
to thud - rumsen [auch: rummsen]Last post 15 Nov 19, 15:50
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/thudhttps://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/banghttps://…9 Replies

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