Orthographically similar words

chump, hump, humpy, stump, thrum, thumb, thurm, trump

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thud, thunk

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Thumpetty thump thumpLast post 19 Jul 16, 07:17
Lied: Frosty the snowman was alive (lebendig) as he could be And the children say he could…34 Replies
sexagenarian thump-thumpLast post 21 Mar 08, 16:19
They used to complain at being pummelled out of their sleep every morning by their comrade’s r2 Replies
to thump the table - auf den Tisch hauenLast post 13 Jan 20, 13:34
Siehe Wörterbuch: thumpIst natürlich nicht falsch, aber gerade diesen deutschen Beispielsat…6 Replies
suade thumpLast post 24 Mar 09, 21:52
"the suade thump of a barn owl´s wings in flight"6 Replies
icky thumpLast post 18 Jun 07, 13:29
das neue "white stripes" lied/album heißt so. scheinbar ein altenglischer begriff, kann mir …6 Replies
thump soundLast post 22 Mar 13, 14:58
revolution of the tire in contact with a road surface produces a thump sound. in connection …3 Replies
to bible-thumpLast post 10 Aug 07, 15:17
Instead of sending evangelists to a foreign land, the Utah Partnerships for Christ wants mis…1 Replies
rule of thumpLast post 18 Jan 19, 19:14
rule of thump als Faustregel übersetzt???Heist es nicht eher über den Daumen gepeilt?? hall…6 Replies
the engine gave an unpromising thumpLast post 16 Jan 12, 23:36
Es handelt sich um einen Innenbordmotor eines Segelschiffs. It gave a dull, unpromising thu…6 Replies
I can thumb my chest. - I can thump my chest.Last post 08 May 11, 12:07
Die Zeile "I can thumb my chest" habe ich im Unterrichtsmaterial meines Sohnes gefunden (3. …1 Replies

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