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as-if calculation - die As-if-Rechnung Last post 25 Feb 05, 19:22
Hi, bei AS if Rechnung rollen sich mir die Fussnägel :-) Im SAP-Umfeld (also BW software)…3 Replies
to act as interpreter - als Dolmetscher tätig seinLast post 15 Apr 13, 08:04
Arising from this he acted as interpreter to Mr Churchill and Mr Eden at the Moscow Conferen…6 Replies
as ifLast post 23 Jun 10, 10:35
Hallo ich habe mal eine kleine Frage. Folgt dem "as if" nun die Päsensform oder die Vergang…7 Replies
to act as so.'s stuntman/stuntwoman\t - jmdn. doubeln | ...| Last post 24 Jun 14, 00:47
LEO: a)\tto act as so.'s double --- jmdn. doubeln | doubelte, gedoubelt | b) \t \t\t \tto a…1 Replies
To act?Last post 22 Apr 07, 20:57
What is the translation of "to act," in the context of theatre? I.e.: She loved to act. Her 7 Replies
act as plus phraseLast post 05 May 09, 17:54
He does not act as IT would be expected OF/FOR a person of his age. Am I right in thinking…1 Replies
as predispositions to actLast post 19 Oct 07, 15:34
...PB can be seen concisely: as not knowing how to work, think, and emote efficiently and as…2 Replies
thought to act asLast post 25 Aug 07, 16:42
"Today these (people) are thought to act as reliable team-members"4 Replies
licensed to act asLast post 13 Jan 10, 15:48
(He is) licensed to act as an Insolvency Practitioner Er ist zugelassen als Insolvenzverwal…2 Replies
to act as parachuteLast post 06 Feb 12, 15:39
Soldaten in heikler Situation in einem Gebäude. Mehrere Männer gehen voran und lassen einen…3 Replies