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settle, align, regulate, tune, correct, trim, adapt, match, fit

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to adjust an entry - ändernLast post 24 Jun 12, 15:46
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&2 Replies
to adjust [tech.] - arretieren | arretierte, arretiert | Last post 16 Dec 08, 12:53
ar|re|tie|ren [frz. arrêter, über das Vlat. zu lat. restare=stillstehen]: 1. (veraltend) f…5 Replies
to adjust for - siehe untenLast post 10 Apr 07, 14:18
To produce more valid estimates we adjusted for several potential confounders selected a pri…8 Replies
to adjust (etc) - schlichtenLast post 28 Aug 08, 18:31
Ich war erstaunt, dass DWDS und Bertelsmann/Wahrig diese Bedeutung von "schlichten" nicht ke…4 Replies
to adjust sharesLast post 03 Apr 10, 21:25
Hier geht es um einen Nachlass. Um die Höhe des Nachlasses zu berechnen, sollen auch die Akt…2 Replies
Difference of "to adjust" and "to align"Last post 25 Apr 07, 23:04
Hallo! What's the exact difference between "to adjust" and "to align"? Both means "abgleich…1 Replies
to adjust one's mindLast post 03 May 12, 14:42
'do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality' angleichen?4 Replies
to adjust the channel volumeLast post 01 Oct 09, 19:27
Korrigieren Sie bitte meine Uebersetzung! LEVEL fader adjusts the channel volume. Der LEV…5 Replies
to adjust an expense claimLast post 30 Nov 12, 18:40
We made a few adjustments on your expense claim (mit "adjustments" sind "deductions" gemeint…3 Replies
appeals to me/ability to adjust myself...Last post 19 Feb 09, 19:32
Your motto "think gobally but operate locally" appeals to me as I am used to working in an i…3 Replies